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MultiMate Dark Green Tennis CourtMultiMate™ Color Concentrate w/Sand Sport Paint

Applying a One Color Application:

(Click here for Two Color Application Instructions.)

MultiMate™ Color Concentrate with Sand Court Paints

MultiMate Color Concentrate with Sand a 100% premium grade acrylic emulsion. Environmentally safe and health friendly, MultiMate is the only non-carcinogenic do-it-yourself sport paint on the market (no cancer causing ingredients). A sand-filled, non-slip, all-weather coating formulated for color-coating sport and recreational surfaces, both asphalt and concrete. With specialty silica sand already added for traction and non-streak easy applications, it takes the guess work out of choosing the right type of sand. Easy to use, just add water and apply by soft rubber squeegee. MultiMate™ comes in 5-gallon pails for ease of on-site handling, and requires only the addition of clean water when batching in a drum. Also available in 30-gallon kegs and 55-gallon drums; fork lift required.
Note: It is important that MultiMate Color Concentrate with Sand be applied when the temperature is 50 degrees Fehrenheit and rising.  Temperatures must remain above 50 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours after application for proper curing of product to take effect. If temperatures are not as required, Tennis Universal Inc. will provide no guarantees or warranties on product performance. 


Note: New asphalt and concrete surfaces should first receive an application of MultiCover™ Acrylic Resurfacer with Sand prior to commencing MultiMate Color Coatings.


Note: New or bare concrete surfaces should receive an application of MultiAcrylic™ Adhesion Promoter prior to applying MultiCover™ base coat.  To view MultiAcrylic™ Adhesions Promoter, click here.


To determine if MultiCover™ base coat is required, click here.


To view MultiCover™ Acrylic Resurfacer (base coat), click here.


To view MultiMate™ Court Paints, click here.


Coverage Rates and Material Requirements

Historic yield calculations for MultiMate™ Color Concentrate w/Sand are 625 to 700 sq.ft. per 5-gallon pail, per one coat. Coverage rates may vary depending on surface porosity, extent of repairs, ambient temperature and application technique. Two coats are recommended to achieve color saturation and longevity of product wear. If your surface requires crack repairs or leveling of depressions, after completing the repairs, we recommend you apply an application of MultiCover™ Acrylic Resurfacer Base Coat to seal and conceal the completed repairs.  We can assist you in determining the repairs you court requires.


A close-up picture of the surface would be helpful to determine if additional material may be needed.


To view ElasticCrack™ Crack Fillers, click here.


To view MultiAcrylic™ Patch Binder for leveling depressions, click here.


To read about Repairing Cracks, click here.


To read about Leveling Depressions, click here.



Note: Our long handled soft rubber squeegees (product #1648-36) should be used with MultiMate surfacing products to obtain proper coverage ratios. Hard rubber squeegees do not provide proper coverage ratios. It is best to purchase our installation equipment for sport surfacing materials to achieve optimum results.


Note: Tennis Universal Inc. and Universal Basketball uses average coverage rate when providing an estimate. The amount of material quoted and provided for orders is for two (2) coatings of MultiMate court paint, unless otherwise specified.




Overview of Mixing and Applying MultiMate™ Color Concentrate w/Sand


*(Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions Further Below)


The Ideal Team for Applying Coatings:


Three people make an ideal team for resurfacing and painting a court. Each worker has a specific role.


·         Mixer:   Mixes coatings to make sure material is always ready to use when needed.

·         Applicator:   Walks continuously with the squeegee until entire surface area is completed.

·         Middleman:  Pours material when required by Applicator. Returns empty pails to drum to be re-filled. Keeps court clean of falling leaves, debris, insects   




MultiMate™ Color Concentrate with Sand is a concentrated material and requires the adding and mixing of 50% clean water.


MultiMate™ 10-gallons  +  5-gallons clean water




MultiMate™ 30-gallons  +  15-gallons clean water


Mixing MultiMate Sport PaintIt is best to mix as large of MultiMate™ batch as possible at one time to ensure the material is mixed and ready to use during the application process. We recommend using a clean 55-gallon drum to batch 30-gallons of MultiMate™ with 15-gallons of clean water.


If a 55-gallon drum is not available, use 2 or 3 smaller 30-gallon containers. Large plastic containers can be purchased from local hardware stores. Containers can be used as trash containers once the resurfacing process is completed.