Cushion Coatings for Tennis & Basketball Courts

The adjacent illustration portays the various coating materials that are required to build-up an initial cushion coating system on asphalt or concrete tennis and basketball courts. (use the Guidelines Chart to navigate to the "Is a Cushioned Surface a Good Investment?" button for a better understanding as to why you should consider this option. Applying a cushioned surface is a one-time investment. Once applied, the cushion coatings are never required to be applied again, only the color coatings are necessary when resurfacing is eventually required, usually within 6 to 8 years.
The following numbers of coats is approximate. You may apply more coats of each product due to application technique, temperature etc. The main thing is to apply all undiluted cushion material supplied in accordance with coverage rates per 5-gallon pail. The required total of undiluted cushion material to be applied is approximately .073 gallons per square foot of MultiCushion-1 & MultiCushion-2 combined.
Recommended Number of Coats
One coat of Acrylic Resurfacer. Three coats of MultiCushion-1 (with coarse rubber particles), two coats of MultiCushion-2 (with fine rubber particles), two coats of MultiMate Color with sand or MultiMate Ready-Mix Color and then the Textured White Lines.
Crackfillers, line paints and patching material in 1-gallon jugs/pails or up to three 5-gallon pails can be shipped by UPS. To place an order for more than three 5-gallon pails or larger containers of any coating materials you must call our office to determine the freight rate and finalize the total order amount.
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Cushioned Tennis Court

The adjacent picture portrays an upscale residential cushioned tennis court which is providing the owner with many years of enjoyable tennis. As baby boomers age, they and their family and friends find the comfort level of a cushioned surface to be 'a great one-time initial investment'.
It is difficult to put a price on the loss of playing tennis due to the harsh shock to the body playing on a hardcourt without a cushioned surface.


Cushioned Basketball Court

The adjacent picture portrays a residential cushioned basketball court which is providing the owner's family and friends an attractive and comfortable cushioned surface to enjoy a fun game.