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Repair & Coating Guidelines Flow Chart

DIY Research and Development

While sitting on committee in the early 1980's with the United States Tennis Court and Track Builders Association (USTC & TBA), Allan Gardner learned a great deal about ongoing problems tennis court contractors were experiencing throughout the United States and Canada. It didn't matter which country or state, the problems were similar if not the same.
Many customers questioned how contractors could maintain uniformity during the resurfacing process, when more than one worker was preparing the on-site resurfacing batches and adding different amounts of sand to individual batches. Our research in the mid 80's also found that most tennis contractors at that time were using an asphalt emulsion as the base-coat, and this was thought to be responsible (the weak link) for peeling. Many contractors reported they had solved the problem by changing from an asphalt emulsion base-coat to an acrylic emulsion base-coat.
It was this knowledge that fueled the idea to simplify the resurfacing process and be able to present it in a way that would be easily understood and duplicatable by clubs and court owners. To be successful with a "Do-It-Yourself" program, we knew we would have to solve the two most noted problems.
The following decisions were made:
  1. Produce easy to follow "step-by-step" guidelines.
  2. Batch large quantities of coating materials with the correct type and amount of sand added to the batch at the batching facility in accordance with the highest quality control standards available. The newly formulated materials would require only the on-site addition of clean water. Large batches would be packaged in 5-gallon pails, guaranteeing our customers ease of on-site handling, and a medium speed non-skid sport surface which is uniform in both texture and color. The uniformity must be the same whether the application is to one court or a battery of eight courts.
  3. Supply only an acrylic resurfacer base-coat. Today, almost all base-coat products are acrylic.
In 1984, we introduced our product line of MultiMate and MultiCushion "DIY" Resurfacing Materials complete with "step-by-step" guidelines, equipment installation kits, and solutions to the two most occurring industry problems. Thanks to the Internet, we now ship resurfacing materials to many countries throughout the world.
" We resurfaced our residential tennis court three years ago with Tennis Universal's MultiMate products. It has held up very well, and Tennis Universal's prices, expertise and courteous service were hard to beat. "
Dave Voorhees
Granville Summit, PA
" We discovered Tennis Universal on the internet in June 2004 and ordered a complete set of all products needed to refurbish our private court. My wife and I did the job ourselves and found all the paint materials to be excellent. The coverage rate was as stated so we had enough to finish the job. The instructions on the internet were also accurate and very helpful. Tennis Universal went out of their way to send a replacement squeegee that had been lost in the original shipment by 2nd day air. I highly recommend buying the squeegee as it was a major time saver for applying the paint. Our court turned out beautiful and we are extremely satisfied. We will definitely order from Tennis Universal again! "
David & Fumiko Ojima
Bremerton, WA
We look forward to the opportunity to provide you too with one of our quality MultiMate Color or MultiCushion and Color Systems.
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