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Is a Cushioned Surface a Good Investment?

A cushioned surface is a great investment if it pays for itself in increased membership, fewer injuries and an extended period of game enjoyment as players get older!
We believe every player would rather play on a cushioned surface if they had a choice.
Benefit to Players Over 40 Years Old
Many players eventually quit playing tennis because of discomfort or injuries experienced as they grow older and continue to play this great game. Unfortunately, time does have a way of letting us know when our bodies are being punished.
Everyone is different in the way they move around a court, however, there is a great deal of evidence that many players continue playing years longer when they are provided with a surface that absorbs the brutal shock that many experience on a typical asphalt or concrete surface. What price can you place on discomfort or injuries or worse still, no longer playing?
Benefit to Court Owners
As a court owner or someone with the responsibility to provide an attractive surface for the players overall enjoyment, we believe you should also be considering the players comfort level. We are certainly aware that budget restraints dictate a great deal of what can and cannot be done when repairs are being considered.
A cushioned court requires a minimum number of coats to provide the desired cushioned affect. It does cost more, but a one-time investment, and maybe it's an option you wish to consider at this time. Once the initial cushion coats are applied, future color coating to maintain attractive and pleasant courts is all that is required. The initial cushion will continue to offer comfort and enjoyable play for many years and several color resurfacings without adding more MultiCushion.
Clubs have reported drastic increases in membership after installing cushioned surfaces. Some have reported membership waiting lists due to players changing clubs when their existing membership expired.
The Cost of A Cushioned Surface
A cushioned surface will require a minimum of three coats of MultiCushion-1 with coarse rubber granules and two coats of MultiCushion-2 with fine rubber granules. These coating applications will be applied prior to the color applications. Why not consider this option while refurbishing your courts?
Cushion coating will add approximately $1.10 per sq. ft. plus additional shipping to the overall cost for a typical color resurfacing. This is a one-time expenditure. If you amortize this one time expenditure over 20-years, you will see how little the annual cost really is for an upscale comfortable and attractive cushioned surface..
Return on Investment
The long-term comfort and enjoyment will allow many members to spend much more time on the courts. Many clubs have found that cushioned courts have dramatically increased membership and shown a return on investment far greater than the additional cost of the premier surface.
Please contact us if you have any questions about cushioned surfaces described on this page and not answered by the above information. Your questions and input are welcomed and greatly appreciated.
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