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Repair & Coating Guidelines Flow Chart

Power Washing

Power Washing

Power Washing Tennis and Basketball CourtsPower washing is very important in getting a court ready for repairs and painting. Power washing will clear away loose debris from previous old coatings and any dirt and dust that has accumulated (new or existing court surface). Dirt, debris and old loose material in the pores of the surface will otherwise prevent achieving and excellent adhesion of crack fillers, leveling repairs and new color coating on the courts.

·        If your court has mildew that persists after power washing, use an algaecide to completely remove before commencing repairs and color coatings.

·        Ensure to flush out dirt and vegetation growing in cracks to allow for a good bond of crack fillers.

Quick links:

ElasticCrack™ Pourable Crack Filler (for cracks less than ½”), click here.

ElasticCrack™ Crack Filler (for cracks ½”), click here.

ElasticCrack™ Fortified (for cracks up to 1’), click here.

MultiAcrylic™ Patch Binder (for repair of divots, large cracks, and leveling depressions), click here.

MultiCover™ Acrylic Resurfacer (basecoat for asphalt and concrete tennis courts and basketball courts), click here.

MultiAcrylic™ Adhesion Promoter (required for new or unpainted concrete surfaces), click here.

MultiMate™ Color Concentrate with Sand Court Paints (for asphalt and concrete sport surfaces), click here.

MultiMate™ Ready-Mix with Sand Court Paints (for small areas and touch-up jobs), click here.

MultiSeal™ Line Tape Sealant (for razor sharp lines; seals the voids between the masking tape and court surface to prevent bleeding of line paint), click here.

MultiLine™ Texture White Line Paint, click here.

MultiLine™ Colored Line Paint (available in yellow, red and blue for multi-sport surfaces), click here.


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