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Repair & Coating Guidelines Flow Chart

"MultiTrack" for Running Tracks

Repairing and Resurfacing
An Asphalt or Concrete Court Is Not Rocket Science,
It's Just Common Sense!
MultiTrack is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion fortified with rubber particles designed for coating asphalt running tracks. MultiTrack beautifies tracks and provides superior protection against oxidization, ravelling, and moisture penetration. MultiTrack also reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the life expectancy of line striping. MultiTrack is available in 30-gallon fiber kegs or 55-gallon steel drums.
Color: Black
Surface Preparation
New asphalt must cure for 21 days prior to application of coatings. Pavement surface must be cleaned entirely of dust, dirt, mildew (if any) debris and all loose materials including vegetation. Depressions and shallow, damaged areas in the asphalt surface can be corrected by patching with MultiLane Acrylic Patch. Cracks can be filled with MultiFlex Crack Sealant. All repairs must be flush and smooth to adjoining surfaces. Older, oxidized asphalt surfaces may require an asphalt emulsion tack-coat prior to the initial application of MultiTrack.
Coverage will range from 0.15 to 0.20 gallons per square yard per coat depending on the age, roughness, and porosity of the surface.  Yields are based on undiluted MultiTrack.
Dilution and Mixing Procedure:
Dilute MultiTrack with water using the following ratio.
Mixing Ratio
MultiTrack........ 55-gallons
Water................ 15-17 gallons 
Important: The amount of water required will vary according to ambient temperature. Higher temperatures may require greater water dilution to a maximum of 30% of undiluted MultiTrack
As a coating, MultiTrack is applied using a soft rubber squeegee. Some situations may require a second coat. A second coat would be applied in the same manner as the first coat only after the first coat had thoroughly dried. It is recommended that the coated surface be allowed to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before opening the running track for use.
  • Read the container label before using. Follow label instructions.
  • When applying, air temperature must be a minimum of 50 degrees F. (10C) and rising. Do not apply if surface temperature exceeds 135 degrees F. (57C)
  • Do not apply when rain is imminent or forecast
  • When applying indoors, use with adequate ventilation during application and drying
  • Close containers when not in use
  • Do not store in direct sunlight or where temperature may exceed 100 degrees F.
When applying surface coatings during periods of very hot weather (80 degrees and above), apply coatings at the coolest part of the day, usually in the early morning. Do not apply if surface temperature is 135 degrees F. (57C) or above. When you encounter hot weather which the surface temperature exceeds 135 F. (57C), it is best to apply one coat in the early morning before the temperature rises and then wait until the next morning to apply the next coat.
Drying Time: 45 to 90 minutes under optimum drying conditions.
Line Markings: Line markings shall be laid out and applied in accordance with the chosen governing rules. A Running Track Stencils Kit is available and can be supplied with the coating materials
Please contact us if you have any questions about the resurfacing process that have not been answered by the above application guidelines.
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