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UP Open Tennis Net

Pro Tournament 4.0mm Tennis Net (Tidy-Fit) *Strongest Net*
Pro Tournament 4.0mm Tennis Net is the desired net of pro tournaments. 4.0mm twine provides the strongest tennis net available and comes with standard 'tidy-fit' tapered bottom providing tailored look and fit. Top quality in everyway; from netting to stitchin ....
Price: $275.00
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Grand Master Pro 3.0mm Tennis Net with Double Top 6 Rows Netting *Excellent Net! *
Grand Master Pro 3.0mm braided polyethylene net with top 6 rows double netting for superior longevity. 'Tidy-fit' tapered bottom provides tailored look and fit. By far our most popular net. 5-Year Warranty.
Price: $210.00
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Grand Master 3.5mm Polyethylene Net (Tidy-Fit) *Great Nets*
Grand Master 3.5mm polyethylene net features a 'Tidy-Fit' tapered bottom providing a tailered look and fit. Our second most popular net for years. 5-Year Warranty.
Price: $201.00
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Competition 3.0mm Tennis Net (Tidy-Fit) with Top 6 Rows Double Mesh *Top Choice for Schools*
Competition 3.0mm tennis net is the top choice for schools. Machine made and featuring top 6-rows double mesh, this net provides strength were needed at a price that's right. 'Tidy-Fit' tapered bottom provides for tailored look and fit. 2-Year Warranty.
Price: $195.00
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Tournament 3.0mm Tennis Net (Tidy-Fit) *Excellent Value*
Tournament 3.0mm Tennis Net comes with 'tidy-Fit' tapered bottom providing for tailored look and fit. Excellent value net for schools and municipalities where budgets are a factor. 3-Year Warranty.
Price: $165.00
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Recreation 3.0mm Tennis Net (NO Tidy-Fit), Single-Layered Headband
Recreation 3.0mm braided tennis net is a good choice for recreational use; a favorite for cottages. This net is not tapered, and has a single-layer vinyl headband. 1-Year Warranty.
Price: $155.00
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How to Install a Tennis Net
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T-5000 'Anti-Vandal Net' is made with 11-gauges woven 1-1/2" aluminum-coated flexible steel mesh. 41'-6" in length for a doubles tennis court. Theft proof & tamper proof.
Price: $439.00
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Center Straps for Tennis Nets (keeps center of net at correct height)
Tennis net 'Center Straps' are designed to keep the center of the tennis net at the correct height at center court. Tennis nets are designed to be higher at the posts (42" high) than at the center of net (36" high). To be used inconjuction with Net Ground Anchor.
Price: $9.50 - $16.50
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Net Check Height Indicator
Net Check Height Indicator is the easiest way to ensure your net center strap is securing the center of your tennis net at regulation height. Easy to use!
Price: $15.75
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Tennis Court Ground Anchor
A Ground Anchor is required to use a Net Center Strap. It is installed below the court surface at the center point between the two net posts. It provides the strength for the 'center strap' to hold the net at the correct height of 36".
Price: $17.00
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Replacement Lace-on Tennis Net Headband
42' x 7" vinyl Lace-on replacement headband with brass grommets every 6" on both sides. 60' braided nylon lacing cord included.
Price: $60.00
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47' vinyl-coated 3/16" steel 'Tennis Net Cable'. Cable is looped at both ends.
Price: $29.00
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Tennis Net Singles Sticks
Net Single Sticks are used in singles tournaments to raise the net between the alleys to 42" height. We offer to models to choose from
Price: $31.75
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Tennis Net Repair Cord
Tennis net repair cord to secure sides of tennis net to posts and/or to repair body of netting (spool of 500').
Price: $25.00
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