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Windscreens & Fastening Devices

The 2nd best bargain. A low cost,long-lasting alternative to custom fabricated windscreens. The same screen as above with hems and grommets added to the top and bottom. Can be cut to custom-fit on-site. Will not unravel. Fasten with plastic ty-raps.
Price: $303.00
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This graphic clearly illustrates the visual blockage provided by tennis court windscreens.
Price: Call for Pricing
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Open Mesh PVC with 20% Ventilation. One of the industry's best values. Made of 7-1/2 oz. vinyl-coated polyester. 3-1/2 ply hems include an 18 oz. vinyl tape insert for added strength. Brass grommets are spaced every 12" on all 4 sides.
Price: Call for Pricing
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Open Mesh PVC with 20% Ventilation. Made of 10 oz. open mesh vinyl-coated polyester. Heat-sealed hems with brass grommets every 12" on all 4 sides. An ideal windscreen to display your club logo.
Price: Call for Pricing
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Open mesh, 20% ventilation top and bottom sections. The ultimate windscreen for outdoor tennis. Center 5' high strip is solid 13 oz. vinyl for maximum ball visibility and wind control. 2' high top and bottom strips are open-weave vinyl-coated polyester for opt ....
Price: Call for Pricing
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Extra Bound Air-Vents (windows) for PVC Screens
6" x 12" openings with no flaps. Bound with polypropylene tape. Boxed Windows when required, are recommended every 5' to 10' apart on PVC Windscreens.
Price: $8.45
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Half-Moon Die-Cut Openings with flaps
Half-moon die cut flaps. Available on PVC screens only.
Price: $1.90
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Anti-billow Tabs for 9
Anti-billow tabs are installed in the center of 9' windscreens to reduce wind effect. Allows for fastening 9' high screens at the top, center and bottom.**Price is per linear foot.
Price: $0.43
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7-1/2" long "break-away" self-locking 50 lb. ty-rap is the best choice to protect fences and windscreens from damage due to gusting winds.
Price: $7.50
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2-3/4" x 1-1/4" Plastic 'Snap Hooks'. Used to fasten windscreens to fence by snapping one hanger per windscreen grommet.
Price: $35.00
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Polypropolene Rope - Green or Black
Used to fasten windscreens to fence by threading rope through windscreen grommets and fence mesh. Available in Green or Black
Price: $37.00
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Fence Privacy Screens
Privacy screens provide a visual barrier for pools and residences. Simple and easy to install on chain-link fences. Made from "Green" knitted polyethylene film with a reinforced selvage edge. No grommets. Fasten with break-away ty-wraps.
Price: $125.00
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