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Basketball Court Paints - Base Coat & Colors

Sectional View of Basketball Court 3-coat Application
The following numbers of coats are recommended: One or two coats of Acrylic Resurfacer for new or older oxidized surfaces, depending on the surface porosity and/or the amount of repairs completed (if any). A base coat is not always required each time you color ....
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MultiCover™ Resurfacer with Sand - Basketball Court Base Coat
MultiCover™ Acrylic Resurfacer with Sand is a 100% premium grade acrylic emulsion. MultiCover has been formulated specifically to be used as a base coat to fill minor depressions and voids in new asphalt or concrete, and improve bonding of the playing surface ....
Price: $82.00
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MultiMate™ Color Concentrate with Sand - Available in 15 Colors
MultiMate™ Color Concentrate with Sand is a 100% premium grade acrylic emulsion. MultiMate is designed as a sand-filled, non-slip, all-weather coating formulated for final color-coatings over sport and recreations surfaces. Easy to use, just add water and appl ....
Price: $92.50
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MultiMate™ Ready-Mix Color (Sand & Water Included)
MultiMate™ Ready-Mix Color with Sand is a 100% premium grade acrylic emulsion ready to use (no mixing of water required.) Simply stir, pour, and apply by soft rubber squeegee; a great option for second colors on basketball court keys and center circles, and gr ....
Price: $82.50
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MultiSeal™ Line Tape Sealant for Razor Sharp Lines
MultiSeal™ is a 100% acrylic clear drying emulsion primer to be applied to the inside edges of masking tape prior to painting playing lines. Formulated to fill the voids between the masking tape and pavement surface, assuring crisp razor-sharp line. The absenc ....
Price: $39.00
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MultiLine™ Textured White Line Paint
MultiLine™ Textured White Line Paint is a 100% acrylic, sand textured white line paint designed specifically for sport line painting. Highly pigmented; this provides the final touch to your professional looking court. Two coats recommended.
Price: $55.00
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MultiLine™ Colored Line Paint is 100% acrylic, highly pigment colored line paint. Available in 3 colors; Red, Blue and Yellow. Two coats recommended. For best result, use MultiSeal Line Tape Sealant for amazingly sharp edged lines prior to white line paint. C ....
Price: $49.00
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DIY Guidelines Chart
Please use this chart to select and print the specific repair and application information for your specific court.
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