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What Makes Our Court Paints Better.....

Premium Color Quality: Our paints are heavily pigmented for great looks and superior longevity. Our quality controls and pigmentation system make our premium court paints number one in UV fade-resistance, great weatherability (in all climates), and excellent adhesion and scrubability. Other paints on the market have lacked the quality control our many years of experience provides. Lack of color saturation can result in washed out, grayish undertones that give courts a worn-out look even after a fresh coat of paint. Other online court stores have only been in business for 5 years, and that limits their quality. Our paints are guaranteed to give you the saturated and vibrant colors you desire for your courts.

MultiMate™ Court Paint                                                                                                    Other Court Paint Manufacturers

MultiMate Red & Green Good Color Tennis Court

Bad Green & Blue Court Paint


Excellent ValueOur products last 20% longer than any other court paints. Our paints are heavily concentrated acrylic emulsions with silica sand already added. We use only the highest quality materials (no vinyl or PVA fillers), and this provide product longevity second to none.  Clean water is to be added on site producing 50% more product for the customer at the court location. This concentrated form allows you to save money on shipping by saving the weight of the added water. We guarantee our paints are in a quality controlled concentrated form.  

Why is another court store cheaper? In short, some court paint manufacturers use low-quality raw materials and add fillers during production of their paints.  It may be less expensive to the customer, but it also produces inferior court paints leading to inconsistent color, lack of elasticity, early wear, cracking, and poor UV-resistance and traction over the years.  This ultimately means painting the courts again sooner than later.

Some companies overly dilute their products before reaching the customer to increase earnings. This can become confusing for customers as to how much paint they are really purchasing. Throughout the court industry, a truly "concentrated" paint will require 50% water be added at the job site before using.  If a court store requires only 25% water be added to their product, then you can be sure their "concentrated" paint is NOT truly concentrated, and you will be using a sub-quality paint product. 

Our large paint manufacturing facility has been in production for 35 years. We spend considerable research and development ensuring we offer the longest lasting surface products available world-wide.

As with most things in life, purchasing lesser quality products ends up costing more in the long run. To maintain and ensure the longevity of your courts, use MultiMate TM quality controlled court paints.

What you really get.... for your $$


           MultiMate™ Color Concentrate with Sand: 20 - 5 gallon pails (100 gallons) + 50 % water = 150 gallons

     Other court store concentrate w/Sand (prediluted): 20 - 5 gallon pails (100 gallons) + 25 % water = 125 gallons

  *Too little paint will require you to spread it thin, that leads to early wear. You may even need to order more.

*With another court store you may save 9% on cost and receive 20% less product.

 MultiMate™ Court Paint                                                                                                    Other Court Paint Manufacturers

Blue & Green Tennis Court Over Dilution

MultiMate Blue and Green Good Color


Superior Traction & Performance: Our paints include specialty silica sand that is already added. Some paint manufacturers require customers to purchase sand and add it themselves, and other paint companies use a low grade less expensive sand and/ or angular sand that can make the courts inconsistent, gritty and can even leave streaks on the court (can look like mowed lawn). Our sand is crystalline spherical silica sand (clear and round). This round silica sand allows for an even paint application and a superior color coating that is easy to accomplish for the customer. The traction provided in our MultiMate court paint is equal to a court pace of 3 – Medium, as specified by and in accordance with ITF (International Tennis Federation) and the American Sports Builders Association.

MultiMate™ Court Paint                                                                                                    Other Court Paint Manufacturers

MultiMate Red & Green Tennis Court

Bad Green Court Streaks

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Tennis Universal Basketball Court Colorizer

**We don't sell kits, as every court is different. We are pleased to assist in choosing the right products for your court.  Surfacing specialist available 7 days a week to consult during your Do-It-Yourself court surfacing project. 





All information, recommendations, and suggestion concerning the product are based upon tests, literature references, and / or calculations, believed to be reliable. The manufacturer makes no guarantee, pressed or implied, as to the affect of use, of the safety of toxicity of the product. The information contained in this sheet cannot be taken as the sum total of all protective measures to be taken.




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