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Do-It-Yourself Resurfacing & Customer Service Testimonials

The testimonials below are a great tribute to Allan Gardner, founding owner of Tennis Universal Inc. He was an excellent communicator, loved dealing with his customers and his expertise was first-rate. During his 33 years of owning Tennis Universal, he proudly taught his daughter everything he knew. During her 24 years with the company, Danna has repaired, refurbished and resurfaced more tennis courts than most contractors. Her hands-on knowledge and eagerness to assist in completing great looking courts is a true compliment to Allan.  Under Danna's guidance, and with an excellent sales team, the company has expanded selling the MultiMate Sport Surfacing and repair products to around the globe, including the Universal Basketball division for court paints and basketball systems. 

Tennis Universal Inc. and Universal Basketball are proudly Serving the World of Courts Around the Globe in Allan's honor.


We resurfaced our two courts using our own staff and Tennis Universal's "MultiMate" resurfacing products. We have been very pleased with the long lasting results. A great product line and excellent company support.
Whit Kean
Tourism Director
Town of Baie Verte, Newfoundland

We color coated two courts. We are really impressed with the "MultiMate" products ...easy to apply, we even had some senior citizens applying the coatings. They enjoyed the opportunity to help. The surface has held up well.
Barbara Wishart, Administrator
Village of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick

We resurfaced seven courts using Tennis Universal's "Do-It-Yourself" products ...the surface has really lasted ...The "MultiMate" line of products were easy to apply ...ready to do it again.
Charles McCluskey
Parks & Recreation Director
Grand Falls, Newfoundland

We initially resurfaced one tennis court, and seeing how easy it was, we resurfaced two more two years later. The products are easy to use and have lasted. We will definitely use the "MultiMate" products again. Excellent company support.
Red McCarthy
Recreation Director
Town of Espanola, Ontario

We resurfaced three courts using our staff and Tennis Universal's "MultiMate" products ...the results are great ...we are very satisfied and would recommend Tennis Universal's products to any municipality or court owner.
Paul Andre Laviolette
Councillor and President of Recreation
Town of Alfred, Ontario

Our staff resurfaced two courts with the "MultiMate" products. We are very pleased with the lasting results. Excellent products and company back-up support.
Alan Chell
Parks & Recreation Coordinator
City of Revelstoke, British Columbia

We resurfaced two courts and seeing the results and the simplicity of the Tennis Universal's DIY system we did two more tennis courts with Tennis Universal's "MultiMate" products ...the products were simple to use and the courts look great ...the "MultiMate" product has lasted for years ...excellent company support ...we plan on doing the courts again this year.
Gary Archibald
Parks & Recreation Director
Dalhousie, New Brunswick

We resurfaced two courts using our own staff and patients ...we are very pleased with the lasting results. We are planning on resurfacing the courts again this year with the same "MultiMate" products.
E. Cuming, Purchasing Officer
Brockville Psychiatric Hospital
Brockville, Ontario

We have used the "MultiMate" products on several occasions and are very pleased with the ease of application and the long lasting attractiveness of the courts for our members.
Jerry Marcil
Plant & Facility Manager
Y.M.C.A. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Branksome Hall looked into the challenge of resurfacing our four tennis courts. We had very little knowledge of how to best tackle this project but we knew we wanted to do it right and in a cost effective manner.  We came upon Tennis Universal on their website and more specifically Allan Gardner, who from the start was instrumental in guiding us through the project from start to finish.
Allan was helpful in giving us sound advice so that we could make prudent decisions. In our case, resurfacing the courts was in order due to the severe damage of one of the courts. Allan communicated with our asphalt contractor to be sure they understood exactly what repairs were required. We purchased Tennis Universal’s Do-It-Yourself “MultiMate” color coating system, employed a working foreman from Tennis Universal to guide our staff until they were comfortable with the repair and application process, and the results speak for themselves. We are very pleased with the attractive appearance of the courts and I would say the project was a great success. We are confident that we will now be able to maintain our courts without the need of a contractor. I would add that we were under very tight time restraints due to summer camps and the return of school and Tennis Universal was able to deliver on time.
I highly recommend Tennis Universal to any facility thinking of refinishing their courts in a cost effective way and wanting their maintenance staff to learn how to maintain their court surfaces in the future.
Eugene Zenger
Facilities Manager
Branksome Hall, Toronto, Ontario

We discovered Tennis Universal on the internet and ordered a complete set of all products needed to refurbish our private court. My wife and I did the job ourselves and found all the paint materials to be excellent, getting the coverage as stated so we had enough to finish the job. The instructions on the internet were also accurate and very helpful. Tennis Universal went out of their way to send by 2 day air a replacement squeegee that had gotten lost in the original shipment. I highly recommend buying the squeegee as it was a major time saver for spreading the paint. Our court turned out beautiful and we are extremely satisfied. We will definitely order from Tennis Universal again!
David & Fumiko Ojima
Bremerton, WA

We resurfaced our residential tennis court three years ago with Tennis Universal's MultiMate products. It has held up very well, and Tennis Universal's prices, expertise and courteous service are hard to beat.
Dave Voorhees
Granville, PA 

We purchased Tennis Universal's base-mounted low-mount lighting system, and are very pleased with a great lighting system. The lighting system works exactly as stated on Tennis Universals web site. The glare-free lights are great to play under and they do not bother our neighbors. Thank you Tennis Universal for an excellent product
Vajira Gunawardana
Holmdel, NJ

I am a financial and administrative person with a great love for construction projects and an old love for tennis. Building my own tennis court was just another of my lifetime dreams, but with most dreams an angel is always a welcome partner. Not all angels have wings - well maybe Allan Gardner has wings.
If Allan doesn't have wings then it's just one little thing he is missing because when you talk tennis, Allan had all the knowledge, expertise and supplies necessary for for to build my dream court.
My dream started with a search to understand the technical and financial elements to build a tennis court. I knew I wanted a Har-Tru surface. A local contractor scared me enough into my decision to be my own contractor when he gave me a proposal for $ 35,000.00 just for a stone wall around the court.
When I located Tennis Universal, I was calling them at unnatural hours, and even on weekends, almost always getting a real person and not a machine. After a few times I said to the person answering the phone, you must be the owner because no one but an owner works these hours. That's when Allan and I became friends in the summer of 2003.
I call Allan Gardner a friend, although I have never met him other then on the phone. A good friend is a person who is always there for you and is always ready to help. That's Allan!
Tennis Universal is a business but Allan runs it like a devoted father taking care of and educating his children. I came in a little late for the computer world so I'm still calling and talking to people. Allan always has the time to talk, educate and explain, even though almost everything I needed to know is on Tennis Universal's web site. Next week I will install the lines on my Har-Tru dream court, set the net posts and tennis net, and try out my new racquet, a gift from my son for my 58th birthday.
If you are lucky enough to have or want a tennis court, look for my angel. He's available for all that want to have a great tennis experience. Many thanks Allan.
Larry Feder, President
Madison Administrative Services
North Salem, NY

I have used the "MultiMate" color coating materials on two different occasions to resurface my home tennis court ...I highly recommend the products to anyone ...our court always looks great.
K.Hakim, President
Hakim Optical, Toronto

We resurfaced our home court ...we are very pleased with the way the court has lasted ...the products are excellent... excellent company support.
Lito Aytona
Brandon, Manitoba

Four years of extreme north channel weather conditions have not diminished the great playing surface provided by the "MultiMate" color coating system.
Hugh McLelland, President
Queensbury Group
Toronto, Ontario

The NYTA Winter Tennis Club, located in the former City of North York (a suburb of Toronto), has been very pleased with the excellent service provided by Tennis Universal. We recently purchased vinyl-covered foam padding to cover our light standards, to protect our members and playing public. They are very aesthetically pleasing and should last for many years. Allan Gardner took the time to find us exactly what we were looking for and at a price we were willing to pay.
I would like to thank Allan for the fast and efficient service and delivery time.
Dave Duguay, Manager
NYTA Winter Tennis Club
North York, Ontario

We have been purchasing court supplies from Tennis Universal for several years ...if they don't have what we are looking for, they go out of there way to find it for us ...nothing seems to be too much trouble is great to have a supplier that you can depend on... thank you Tennis Universal.
Dermot O'Carroll, C.E.O.
Lake Rosseau Beach Resort
Muskoka, Ontario

We did our three courts with Tennis Universal's "MultiMate" color resurfacing products ...we were very impressed with the ease of installation... we will definitely use the "MultiMate" products again.
Michael Stein
Four Seasons Nature Resort
Freelton, Ontario

Tennis Universal is a great company. I have enjoyed doing business with them immensely due to their advice, expertise and quality products. Our north woods Har-Tru courts have been upgraded to a new and wonderful condition. The surface and all equipment are now topnotch. Thanks to a quality company, Tennis Universal!.
Sandy Chivers, Manager
Ojibway of Keewaydin
Hanover, NH

Being a fence company for more than 15 years, we looked at the possibility of diversifying into resurfacing tennis courts. There was nobody in our area to provide this service. Resurfacing contractors were coming in from 200 miles away.
We began to research the idea by seeking a company that could provide required materials and on-site training. Everywhere we inquired, Tennis Universal's name kept coming up. We contacted Tennis Universal, and the company President, Allan Gardner, assured us that if we made an initial purchase of sufficient materials to resurface our first courts, he would personally come to Chicoutimi, Quebec (1200 km) to train our staff. With Allan's assistance we prepared a quotation, was awarded the contract, and Allan did come to our project and spent several days working with our crews. That was first in July 1987. Since then and for the past few decades,  we have been resurfacing tennis courts in our area.
We will continue to depend on Tennis Universal and their "MultiMate" products for our tennis resurfacing and court supplies. It is important to know that you can depend on a supplier over such long span of time.
Christian Tremblay, President
Cloturex du Saguenay Inc.
Chicoutimi, Quebec Canada
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