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Tennis Net Posts - Stongest Posts on the Market!
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Tennis Net Posts - Stongest Posts on the Market!

Multiple styles of tennis net posts to choose from. Our Pro Tournament 3" Steel round or square with internal winders are the strongest posts available on the market. Also available...2-7/8" Steel posts with external winder. We also feature HarTru Aluminum posts, with internal or external winders. All posts available with ground sleeves and your choice of Green or Black.
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Tu Pro Tournament 3 Square Steel Tennis Net PostsAt Tennis Universal we offer a range of high quality tennis posts that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our Deluxe 3"  Round tennis net posts and Deluxe 3" Square style posts  with internal winder are made of sturdy 11-gauge steel with a chip & fade resistant powder coated finish.
*These Steel posts are the strongest tennis net posts available on the market.* The corrosion-resistant, self locking internal wind assembly is constructed of heat treated hardened aluminum alloy. The assembly is encased in a housing of hardened bronze alloy (copper/tin/zinc) and is supplied with a matching removable handle. Equipped with welded lacing rods for a full easy-to-do professional net installation. Post collars included for a complete refined look. Available in Green or Black. 64" overall length. 75 lb/pr. (Ground sleeves purchased separately).

For the economy budget we also offer our 2-7/8" Round Regulation Posts with external winder. Rugged & reliable. Constructed of schedule 40 galvanized steel with an electro statically applied enamel finish. Aluminum reel is equipped with ratchet guard for smooth and easy adjustment and includes removable handle. Comes with grooved post caps, a deadhead cleat, eyebolts for tying the bottom of the net, setting pins. External replacement reels also available. Tennis net posts and replacement reels available in Green or Black. 

HarTru Internal Wind Tennis PostsHarTru External Wind Tennis PostsAluminum Posts
We also feature HarTru Deluxe Aluminum 2-7/8" posts with redesigned internal winder. These posts offer players the quality know in the industry to be HarTru. Equipped with welded lacing rods for a professional looking net installation. Will fit ground sleeves designed for 2-7/8" posts.
Also available are the HarTru Advantage Aluminum posts with external winder. Easy to use external winder makes getting the net up to play a breeze for everyone. Equipped with welded lacing rods for a professional looking net installation.

There are also portable solutions in case you need to share a court space for other occasions or have to move around for demonstration purposes. Although these net posts are portable they are amazingly sturdy and built heavy so that they can function as well as a normal tennis net post. For a more sturdy solution there are portable net posts that weigh up to 360lb and for lighter use 130lb, but in either case installation is kept simple and portable.

Since it is difficult to dig through the ground to install posts in places such as a rooftop there are mounting solutions that can be added to keep the posts secure. The bases of the mounts are wide and bolted to the rooftop so that the posts can be installed onto the mounts providing an easy yet sturdy solution to temporary tennis court. There are also fold-a-way posts that can be used in areas where sleeves are impractical.
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