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HarTru's Gator Rakes - Hand-Models *Best Prices*

The Gator Rake line of premium maintenance tools make up some of the finest grooming and leveling tools we have ever offered. With 2 hand-models rakes and 3 tow-model rakes to choose from you are sure to find one that will suit your needs.
Cat# Item Price
1957-24HD 24" Gator Rake Hand Model
1957-72HD 72" Gator Rake Hand Model
Gator Rakes - by Har-Tru
The Gator Rake is one of the finest grooming and leveling tools we have ever offered. The product is all aluminum and stainless steel. The tine system is composed of stainless steel rods less than 1/8th inch in diameter that puts just the right bite into your court surface, leaving a finely groomed, highly manicured appearance. This tool is an absolute must! We love it and you will too. 
The Gator Rake comes in 2 sizes. One is 72” wide, is lighter and easier to store, and can be used for leveling and grooming a court between matches. The second is 24” wide heavy-duty and is designed for agitating the court surface along fence lines or in small hard-pan areas. It is very aggressive and can chew up the court surface very effectively. 
All of the Gator Rakes feature tine cartridges that move in half inch increments, making the rake uniquely adjustable. This adjustability allows you to keep the tines at optimal length maintaining consistent performance throughout their life. The changeable tine cartridges are extremely user friendly and can be replaced easily when new tines are needed.

Note: A brush attachment for behind the tow and hand pull rake is available for those who prefer to leave the surface with a brushed finish.

Gator Rake 24

Gator Rake 72

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